House or Property - "Voetstoots" Clause


Contracts for the sale of residential properties in South Africa usually contain what is commonly known as a “Voetstoots clause”. This implies that a Purchaser purchases a property “as it is”. The Seller’s liability is excluded in respect of all defects in the property of which he or she was genuinely ignorant up to and at the time […]

Immovable Property and the Minor Child

As parents we all wish to give our children the best start in life and, where possible a solid start towards financial independence. From an investment point of view, this may entail purchasing immovable property in the name of a minor. There are no legal impediments to registering property in the name of a minor. […]

National Wills Week | 12 - 16 September 2016

National Wills Week Is Coming, Be Ready by 12 September 2016

Wills Week is an established highlight among the profession’s social outreach and access to justice initiatives. It is our great pleasure to be part of the National Wills Week 2016. We are always available to assist our clients with the drafting of their wills and the administration of deceased estates, during this week, however, we […]