National Wills Week | 12 - 16 September 2016

National Wills Week Is Coming, Be Ready by 12 September 2016

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Wills Week is an established highlight among the profession's social outreach and access to justice initiatives. It is our great pleasure to be part of the National Wills Week 2016. We are always available to assist our clients with the drafting of their wills and the administration of deceased estates, during this week, however, we would like to encourage members of the public who would not normally make use of the services of an attorney to consult us to draft a basic will for them.

How Can We Be of Assistance?

  • Basic wills will be drawn up free of charge.
  • We will explain the importance of having a properly and professionally drafted will.
  • The client will receive a copy of his/her will.
  • Existing wills can be amended or complex wills involving trusts, etc. drafted at a pre-agreed fee.

What You Would Need

Make sure that you have the relevant documents ready, including:

  • Identity documents (or copies of) for the testator and the beneficiaries.
  • A list of your assets.
  • Details of guardians and the proposed executor of the estate.
  • You should also think about how your estate should be divided.

Make An Appointment in Advance

By sending an email to either:

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