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New Beginnings for Karin Hanekom Attorneys

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In the beginning, they needed a name. Back then, because time flies, Karin Hanekom rang a bell... That was the humble beginnings of the soon to be household name, not only in the legal sector of conveyancers and notaries, but also in the arena of goodwill and humanitarian support.

Now turned Karin Hanekom Attorneys | Prokureurs | Iqhwetha, needed to get their game on and where else to start other than a new corporate brand identity. With the help and collaboration of two great designers, old school meets next gen, the gold KH emblem was born. Enduring a timeless contemporary classic look and feel.

Karin Hankom Attorneys | Prokureurs | Iqhwetha

Their online social presence has been a little scarce when they just started out, taking note that their Twitter account came to visit their Facebook page in the early days to show off their new corporate identity. As it usually goes with the birth of a new social media entity due to the lack of content, why not take pride in your new "public face" and show it off online!


So excited, we're picking up our #gold_foiled #business_cards today :) Will be posting pictures later! Thanks to http://t.co/5FLA1zMus9!

Posted by Karin Hanekom Attorneys on Thursday, 17 September 2015


With the time that "flew past" so quickly, as it does, they're now jet, set and ready to proudly offer quality legal assistance that will exceed your expectations. With the recent developments (more on that a later) almost done, they will be honored to give you a warm welcome at their newly renovated offices in Tyger Waterfront, Bellville.

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